Our Work - Cloud Architecture

What were the key objectives of this project? 

  • Establish a secure Azure presence that could be used as an extension to exiting datacentres

  • Deliver end to end encryption of all data flows over dedicated and resilient links

  • Design an Azure architecture that would facilitate a full software delivery pipeline yet still achieve secure segregation of environments

  • Integrate with existing identity and access management platforms to deliver single sign on

  • Deliver infrastructure as code such that the environment can be rebuilt on demand

  • Ability to extend and expand the system to cater for additional functionality and development of the architecture to cater for new and emerging use-cases / requirements. 

Our involvement

  • Targeted research and market analysis to identify the most appropriate product choices for the deployment of this service whilst proactively identifying potential barriers to adoption, leading to the selection of a product set

  • Provided Enterprise Architecture Designs and Patterns to cater for various aspects including: 

    • High and low level designs, including technical implementation methods

    • Adoption and Integration of technologies, new to the client, which were not suited to the environment in their native form and so required special treatment for successful integration

    • Security advice, design and accreditation of proposed solution 

    • Network designs to enable secure integration and achieve the require levels of encryption

    • Delivery of a full scripted and repeatable environment build mechanism

Technologies involved

  • Azure

  • Cisco ASA

  • Microsoft ExpressRoute

  • Microsoft ADFS