Our Work - Image recognition

What were the key objectives of this project? 

  • To develop an advanced image recognition solution using Artificial Intelligence to process millions of images in order to identify commonalities

  • Utilise commodity hardware components 

  • Develop a product that could scale across low cost commodity hardware or consume cloud resources 

  • Capable of operating in a completely isolated environment 

  • Highly secure

Our involvement

  • Worked with the client and a software development company to identify the requirements – performance, scalability, integration with existing systems 

  • Market survey to analyse the GPU’s available that would accept custom code and offered a development interface that could be leveraged 

  • Performance and scalability benchmarks using a bespoke test harness that simulated the eventual workload 

  • Delivered a high and low level design 

  • Custom graphics driver preparation 

  • Operating system build hardening 

  • Security accreditation of designs and components 

  • Data import 

  • Implementation