Our Work - Secure wifi

What were the key objectives of this project? 

  • Design a network implementation model using Cisco technologies for end-to-end encryption on user’s mobility devices within an organisation’s secure buildings 

  • Deliver a scalable architecture leveraging commodity components  

  • Deliver appreciable enhancements to the encryption layer using TPM modules and VPN 

  • Enable the transmission of sensitive data

Our involvement

  • Research sessions with the client to determine functional and non functional requirements with a particular emphasis on the security accreditation required

  • Market analysis and research to determine a set of components that offered security features that could be integrated together to form a secure pattern suitable to meet the criteria

  • Research and design of a cryptographic configuration that would meet the security requirements 

  • High and low level designs to build a working proof of concept 

  • Security accreditation of the proposed solution 

  • Production of implementation patterns